Hi to you everyone!

Today, sun is coming, again.

After more than 3 weeks spent here in Cabo Verde, it's time to get the sea road for South America. Direction Salvador de Bahia in Brazil, 3 weeks on the boat plan. With my new captain Tom, and his beautiful boat of 11m30, We are leaving this morning!

Here during 3 weeks, the life went as usual, slowly but fully. Carnaval in Mindelo and 1 week of trekking in Santa Antao, this 3 weeks passed as once. In Cabo Verde, you never know if you are in Africa, still, or South America, already. 1 feet on each continent.

Here is my path on my week trek in Santa Antao. 7 Days, 115km, 6 nights outside and 1 inside : http://www.openrunner.com/?id=4494711
Beautiful landscape, every morning a gorgeous sunrise, nice food and everything good for my mind.

For the boat, his name is Cariad and we are going together, him, his captain and me, for the transa. Here is some pics of it : http://www.cariad.de/cariad/

"C'est pas l'homme qui prends la mer, c'est la mer qui prends l'homme. Tatatin"


If you want to know where I am during this 3 weeks, you can check this link, and it will probably tells you where I am, in the middle of the ocean : http://www2.winlink.org:8081/maps/PositionReports.aspx?callsign=DM1TR&title=Position%20Reports%20for%20DM1TR 

Until Brazil, I ll be 3 weeks on holidays, 1.5m from the sea, 24 hours, with lot of sunshine! What's best?

Good riddance, lots of hugs for you!

And see you soon!